The Worlds Biggest Online Screenwriting Festival is BACK!

Feb 2021 // Join for just £60 // Access for one year

We're back! February 5th to the 28th, live and also available on demand for one year. Three weeks of sessions with industry-leading speakers, workshops, and innovative ways of connecting with thousands of  screenwriters and filmmakers around the world. Best. Festival. Yet. Promise.

£60 Get Your Pass Here

Our online workshops and masterclasses are designed to elevate your writing.

We run events almost every week, with large scale festivals for screenwriters every six months or so. Our mission is to help you find success as a screenwriter through elevating your writing, connecting talent and industry professionals and keeping us ALL inspired in the dark months we face. Join us, we promise you will be fans for life.

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LondonSWF365 Online Screenwriters Festival FEBRUARY 2021! 

Online live and on demand for a year! // Feb 5-28, 2021 // £60 all-access pass // Full Details HERE.

Connect with 1,000 screenwriters, producers, directors and other industry professionals for nearly one  month of seminars, talks and events… All live AND On Demand to watch later. It will be our best festival yet!

  • Main Dates: February 5th to February 28th 2021 (online).
  • Schedule HERE (updated every few days).
  • Speakers HERE (updated every few days).

'I cannot quantify just how monumental an experience LondonSWF365 has been for me. To be able to sit in my front room and ask questions of great screenwriters and producers while still able to keep an eye on my sons has been utterly amazing. I’ve made new connections with other writers, and connected with writers I already knew. I will be back every year until I die!’
Emily Isaacs // Screenwriter

Three weeks of streamed interviews, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities. Recordings (where possible) available later for one year. MORE HERE

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Mastering Misdirection with Bob Schultz

Online, Live AND OnDemand // One Day // £37 // Next Date HERE.

Remember how you felt as a kid when you saw a magic trick?
Stories are like that. The best ones are powerful emotional magic tricks.

  • Learn the art of beguiling the reader and audience through your writing. 
  • Watch examples of Misdirection in action 
  • Practice techniques through exercises. 

'The workshop provided real and useable techniques for creating suspense and increasing tension in a way that pays off for the audience. It’s especially useful rewrites, looking more deeply at structure and character. I didn't think the protagonist in my script needed a secret. Now I know that she does!’ 
Julie Sandwell // Screenwriter

One-day live and interactive workshop, with a maximum of sixteen participants, delivered online. Recordings available later for one year. MORE HERE

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Write a Killer One-Pager with Bob Schultz

Online and Live // One Day // £37 // Next Date HERE.

The One Pager is an essential link in the chain that your screenplay will pass along. It will be read WAY more than your screenplay, by agents, sales agents, producers, broadcasters, directors, producers...

Course highlights: 

  • Learn the 10 Things every one-pager should include. 
  • More importantly, learn what to leave out.
  • Break down popular movies. 
  • Write a complete one-pager for your project during the course!
  • Lectures are on demand, but the course includes a LIVE zoom session to refine YOUR one-pager.

'Bob helped me identify what REALLY has to go in that one-pager and I ended up with a great first draft with clear directions of where to proceed with it'
Rachael Howard // Screenwriter

One-day live and interactive workshop, with a maximum of sixteen participants, delivered online. Recordings available later for one year. MORE HERE

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Breaking into Script Reading - with Lucy V Hay - Nov 7/8

Online, Live AND OnDemand // Two Days // £139 // Next Date HERE.

Learn how to produce industry standard analysis for agents, producers, production companies and broadcasters – all of whom have mountainous ‘read’ piles. The ability to distinguish a ‘Pass’ from a ‘Consider’, or even a ‘Recommend’ will make you a valuable asset to the biggest and most prolific production companies. 

  • Learn the key components to script reading.
  • Write a fully professional report.
  • Learn how to negotiate for pay and where to find script reading work. 

'This course not only helped me understand how to be a script reader, it showed me how to be a script writer who can connect to an audience. Great atmosphere, great knowledge and great contacts.'
Daemian Greaves // Screenwriter

Two-day live and interactive workshop, delivered online. Recordings available later for six months. MORE HERE

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The Ten Screenwriting Commandments Of Aaron Sorkin

Online, Live AND OnDemand // One Day // £37 // Next Date HERE.

While no-one can write just like Aaron Sorkin, except Aaron Sorkin, we can all learn from his writing. His story structure deftness. His ability to write compelling characters. The astonishing dialogue that makes it like a verbal action movie.

  • Learn Sorkin's techniques by breaking down pages of his scripts. 
  • Discover how to turn your dialogue into a riveting debate. 
  • Learn the key to distinct characterisation. 

'Thank you so much to LondonSWF. It has helped me to become a writer. The events are inspiring, full of wisdom, insight and information from people who care about using their knowledge and experience to help others. The sense of community it creates is extraordinary. I just can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!’
Varsha Shah // Screenwriter

One-day live and interactive workshop, delivered online. Recordings available later for one year. MORE HERE

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Advanced Structure - with John Yorke - Nov 21/22

Online, Live AND OnDemand // Two Days // £179 // Next Date HERE.

The primary reason great ideas (and even developed scripts) written for longform television fail at the final hurdle is poor structuring.

  • Master the single structure that is present in all great stories
  • Learn to see the DNA beneath your story, characters, premise, situation, action and dialogue
  • Use the method to generate rapidfire pitches and plot the arcs in a TV episode. 
  • Course is LIVE on Zoom and will be recorded to replay for 6 months. 

'There were so many moments where John opened doors in my head. The online course is reasonably priced and way more accessible for people all around the world.'
Michael Manion // Screenwriter

Two-day live and interactive workshop, delivered online. Recordings available for two weeks... MORE HERE

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Make a World Class Short Film with Chris Jones

Entirely On Demand // 2 days of content // Find Out More

Every year a new writer and filmmaker wins the Oscar for best short film... If it's not you, it will be someone else... 

  • Take a deep dive into the script progression of an Oscar-shortlisted short film.
  • Experience FIRST HAND the organic growth of stories, from idea, to script, to redraft, to set, to post, to sound edit, to music, with interviews with professionals involved in making the film.

'An affordable, brilliantly conceived and innovative approach to learning about the film making process. Chris’ engaging and inclusive approach allows the participant straight in to the heart of the project, where the learning curve will be steepest, but also of the most value.'
Joe Atkins // Filmmaker, France

The entire course is on demand and available now... MORE HERE

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Narrative Imperative - with Scott Myers

Entirely On Demand // Eight Hours of Content // Find Out More

The key to unlocking your story’s most powerful version and the underlying structure rests within its most central character: The Protagonist.

Scott will put ‘flesh’ onto the ‘bones’ of the age-old adage “Character equals Plot” by exploring the inner workings of such movies as The Shawshank Redemption, The Silence of the Lambs, Up, True Grit, Bridesmaids, Juno, and more, demonstrating how the Protagonist’s transformation arc is the foundation of any story… and its Narrative Imperative.  

'Scott’s knowledge, insight, depth, passion, humour and laser sharp delivery was unmatched. Each lecture he gave was rammed to the hilt with ammunition and he gave us FOUR MASTERCLASSES. Good God that was worth the price alone.’
Richard Paul Wheildon// Screenwriter

The entire course is on demand and available now... GET ACCESS NOW

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Perfect Your Pitch with Bob Schultz

Online and Live // One Day // £37 // Next Date HERE.

No matter how good your script and story, if you cannot effectively, dynamically and succinctly engage the listener, your script will collect dust on a shelf.

  • Gain confidence to pitch to anyone, anywhere, any time. 
  • Master the craft of uncovering and emphasising the hook that triggers the 'request script' response.
  • Practice and refine your pitch live.

'I have been to many pitching classes but none has been so complete, interactive and given so much importance to every single member.’
Stephanie Melega // Screenwriter

One-day live and interactive workshop, with a maximum of sixteen participants, delivered online. Recordings available later for one year. MORE HERE

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What Delegates Say About What We Do...

‘Bob is a genius at understanding a complex topic quickly. He swiftly sussed out my story's themes and helped me crystallize the logline into brilliant form!’
Rebecca Robinson, Screenwriter

Perfecting Your Pitch with Bob Schultz

'I can’t imagine anyone not being a better writer after taking this course. John Yorke is one of those rare people who is highly knowledgeable and accomplished, as well as a terrific teacher. Everyone involved in putting these courses on, are both consummate professionals and just really nice.'

Sara Pascoe, Screenwriter

Advanced Structure with John Yorke

"I’ve been engaging with the (LSF online) festival events for several days now, and just wanted to say that this is the most brilliant, insightful and substantial screenwriting and storytelling event I’ve ever experienced! The level of access, answers and inspiration is unparalleled."

Nikhil Kamkolhar - Screenwriter

LondonSWF365 Spring 2020

"LondonSWF surpassed my every expectation. I started as a delegate and then joined the team! The lightbulb moments for my writing were amazing, but above all the team and delegates made it clear: this is far more than a festival - it's a family. A family where you hang out in the kitchen with Ian Smith (Producer of Mad Max: Fury Road) anyway!"

Savannah Morgan, Screenwriter

LondonSWF365 Spring 2020

Our Screenwriting Practitioners

John Yorke

Producer, Author, Showrunner

Author one of the greatest books on story structure ever written – ‘Into The Woods’. Also the Golden Globe-winning former head of Ch4 Drama, BBC Drama, Company Pictures, Eastenders showrunner… his resume clearly speaks for itself. 

Plus that Golden Globe for Wolf Hall doesn’t hurt either. Suffice it to say, this guy knows his onions!

Lucy V Hay

Author, script editor, producer, blogger

Lucy is the firebrand behind Bang2write, one of the UK’s top sites for screenwriters. Lucy has been a script reader for agents, production companies, screen agencies, investment initiatives, screenwriting competitions and individual writers and directors for over ten years.

Scott Myers

Screenwriter, professor, official blogger for the Black List

Since selling his spec script K-9 in 1987, Scott has written 30 projects for every major Hollywood studio and broadcast network. He teaches at DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts and his script credits include  K-9, Alaska, and Trojan War.

Go Into the Story

Bob Schultz

Screenwriter, Producer, Professor

Bob Schultz has spent more than a decade as a screenwriter, producer, screenwriting professor, and organizer of more than 25 screenwriting conferences in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

He's taught screenwriting, pitching, story structure, and independent producing in a dozen countries around the world.

Chris Jones

LSF Director & Founder, Filmmaker, Author

His major projects include action thriller The Runner, serial killer thriller White Angel and paranormal horror Urban Ghost Story. He also co-created and authored The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook series, of which there are currently seven editions!

In 2009, Chris made the multi-award-winning and Oscar®-shortlisted Gone Fishing.

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