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We are not alone.

London Screenwriters' Festival - Rebooted

2020 was to be the tenth anniversary of the physical London Screenwriters' Festival. But when the world shifted, so did we, pivoting online to become OSF.

Our tiny team comprised primarily of volunteers brought access to industry professionals to over 1200 delegates worldwide, many of whom have never been able to attend a screenwriting festival before. The response has been incredible. It's a festival of technical marvels held together with love! 

Look Who's Talking: 

Our headliners from Spring 2020 include:
  • David S. Goyer - Dark Knight
  • Adele Lim - Crazy Rich Asians
  • Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, and Sue Vertue - Sherlock
  • John Yorke - Into the Woods
  • Robert McKee - STORY
  • Pilar Alessandra - Script Consultant
  • Christopher Lockhart - Script Editor at William Morris Endeavor

See the Full Speaker List Here

Tell Me More, Tell Me More! 

It's a month-long festival in your living room. Sessions include:
  • One-on-one moderated interviews with esteemed guests.
  • Script-to-screens - inside insight from the professionals behind the show!
  • Zoom room Q and As.
  • Interactive events like Pitch Factor, Live Script Edits and Table Reads.
  • Networking and writing zoom "cafes"

Chris Jones

LSF & OSF Founder, Creative Director

It's time to leave the Ordinary World and cross the Threshold toward our October festival. Many challenges lie ahead, but I know this: it will be an adventure none of us will forget. Join us!

What do the Delegates say?

"I cannot quantify just how monumental an experience LondonSWF365 has been for me. As a carer of two disabled children, and having physical energy limitations myself, I’ve never been able to attend the screenwriters festival before. Although some things may have been lost for regular attendees, for someone like me, it has opened up my writing world enormously. To be able to sit in my front room and ask questions of great screenwriters and producers while still able to keep an eye on my sons has been utterly amazing."

Emily Isaacs - Screenwriter

"I’m sure that, like many of your delegates, I was so sad to receive Chris’s letter about the IRL Festival being postponed until 2021. How could anything compare?

And then you did what you did. And it was fun, it was informative, it felt intimate (in the best and non-creepy way), and it felt like a writers’ home.
Being a part of LSF365 as a speaker, and as a delegate, has been the absolute highlight of my year."

Sean Robert Daniels - LondonSWF Speaker, Instructor, Screenwriter

"I’ve been engaging with the festival events for several days now, and just wanted to say that this is the most brilliant, insightful and substantial screenwriting and storytelling event I’ve ever experienced! The level of access, answers and inspiration is unparalleled."
Nikhil Kamkolhar - Screenwriter

"You are doing an amazing job. Everyone I’ve told LondonSWF about  has signed up. It’s seamless yet so authentic and grassroots vibe… Yet high end! Congratulations!"

Hannah Hall - Screenwriter

Join Us! 

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