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The Ultimate Logline Clinic Feedback with Bob Schultz Feedback

May 07, 2021

Online, Live AND OnDemand // One Day // £20 // READ MORE HERE.

Feedback from past delegates...

'I loved all the examples of popular films where the blurb was carefully deconstructed, showing the protagonist, the world, the goal, the stakes and obstacles. Also, the style of the presentation was engaging, pragmatic and humorous.'
KT Parker // Wordsmith & get-stuff-done person

‘I liked that we had the seminar, followed by several days before the workshop, giving us time to practice and prepare. During the workshop individual feedback was great, BUT also hearing the feedback on the others loglines was even more valuable because you're more objective.’
Anita Reid // Screenwriter

‘It was good to have the seminar first, then time for homework before coming back a few days later for the workshop. I really learned a great deal by listening to the other delegates too, and seeing how Bob helped them with their loglines. Personally I was delighted to have my logline...

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Ten Quick Fire Tips To Help Craft a Killer One Pager

May 06, 2021

“My boss won’t read the whole script. Do you have a one-pager I could give them?”

Even as the flopsweats begin, you croak out a semi-confident “Sure.” Then spend the rest of the week hoping the world will come to an end and save you the torture of writing one.

Good news, fellow writers! Creating a One-Pager is easier than you think. Here are some quick tips to craft a thing of beauty that will result in a quick and glorious “Send it.”

  1. Tell a complete story.
    The One-Pager is a document designed to show you can deliver what every producer is looking for: an excellent story, well told. The strategies that make for a great movie, script, and book also make for a great One-Pager. Tell your whole story with panache. Start strong, finish stronger.
  1. Think like the reader.
    Don’t think like the one who wrote it. Think like the one who will read it. Your One-Pager is one of 100 they are going to be reading. That day. Maybe after a terrible...
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Feedback for Inevitable, Surprising and Satisfying: Writing The KILLER Final Act

Apr 28, 2021

Online, Live AND OnDemand // One Day // £37 // READ MORE HERE.

Feedback from past delegates...

‘I found all the workshops I have done with you very insightful and top-notch helpful, but this one was in a league of its own. Talk about astute and able to communicate so that it's clear, clear, clear. I was able to use the material on a short story I am working on immediately. I don't readily use the word revelation, but this time, yes, yes, indeed, yes, it was a 'lightbulb' moment.’
Mary Ann Hushlak // Writer and Dancer 

'I came away with real practical ideas on how to plan and improve my final act. It was so enjoyable! A fabulous, analytical and practical workshop that has transformed my ideas on writing an effective and, most importantly, emotional final act. Thank you!'
Varsha Shah // Screenwriter

‘Watching the clips and breaking them down as we went really clarified the process. The whole day was really, really insightful and, most of all, practical....

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The London Screenwriters’ Festival to receive £42,015 from second round of the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund

Apr 02, 2021
  • The London Screenwriters’ Festival is among more than 2,700 recipients to benefit from the latest round of awards from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund 
  • This award ensures that the festival will not just survive beyond the pandemic, but will thrive in these uncertain times.

The London Screenwriters’ Festival is delighted to announce that it has received a grant of £42,015 from the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund to help the organisation recover and reopen. 

More than £300 million has been awarded to thousands of cultural organisations across the country including the festival, in the latest round of support from the Culture Recovery Fund, the Culture Secretary announced today.

The London Screenwriters’ Festival is one of the largest events for screenwriters in the world and was poised to run its tenth anniversary event to record breaking attendance in April of 2020 when the pandemic hit. The timing...

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Steve Kaplan on the alchemy of comedy gold by KT Parker

Apr 01, 2021

I’m sure I’m not alone amongst drama writers in worrying that I’m just not funny. We know all the theories about using comedy to provide moments of relief, to heighten the tragedy that follows. We’ve studied Shakespeare, who mastered this technique with genius. We’ve analysed our favourite movies, to unravel how it’s done. Still, we stress about executing it ourselves, and are always stunned (and immensely pleased) when somebody tells us they laughed at something we wrote.

Steve Kaplan’s London Screenwriters’ Festival session, “Just Add Comedy”, was the perfect antidote. A man so wry and self-deprecating was the perfect guide through the underpinnings of comedy, whether you are a drama writer with comic insecurities (pun intended), or a writer who specialises in comedy and needs tips on how to contain your magic in a ninety-minute screenplay format, or anybody in-between. Kaplan was the co-founder and artistic director of...

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GO DO IT! Two LondonSWF365 sessions that put fire in our bellies by KT Parker

Mar 12, 2021

What have experienced documentary filmmaker David Nicholas Wilkinson and editor Jon Walker got in common with genre-mashing feature filmmaker John McPhail?

David exudes wisdom with his Tolstoy-style beard, which is not surprising given his wide-ranging career, beginning in acting when he was fourteen, and expanding over the decades to include producing, writing, directing and distribution.

Jon has worked with David on his latest documentaries, including the acclaimed Postcards from the 48% and soon to be released Getting away with Murder(s), as well as dozens of other film and TV projects.

Meanwhile John is a dynamic young director who has exploded onto the Scottish filmmaking scene with quirky takes on genre, including the exuberant zombie Christmas musical, Anna and the Apocalypse.

The answer is: they all communicate a can-do, have-a-go energy. Although very different in style, I noticed five common underlying themes in what they had to say:

  1. Learn by doing

David’s entire...

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Impossible even for a computer? Paul Hirsch on editing before the days of Premier and Final Cut by James Alexander Allen

Mar 12, 2021

The Force was certainly with us at the London Screenwriters’ Festival as Paul Hirsch, editor of Star Wars, Carrie, Planes Trains & Automobiles, and many others joined us for an hour to discuss his career.

Aside from the obvious excitement of having a key creative from the original Star Wars (SQUEEEEE), Paul was also able to give an insight into the life of a film editor before the prevalence of digital, and the editing software we use widely today. There was no way of seeing the footage while cutting, because the physical film was always in pieces as part of the process. He described how every cut would have to be made very broadly at first, to avoid going too short. It really makes you appreciate how far things have come; I’m pretty sure I would have ripped all my hair out by now if I had to edit my films like that- or would have ruined every one beyond repair before grading!

That makes sequences like the hilarious ‘wrong way’ scene in Planes Trains...

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Feedback for Writing The Perfect Nemesis For Your Story

Mar 10, 2021

Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Online, Live AND OnDemand // One Day // £37 // READ MORE HERE.

Feedback from past delegates...

‘A really judicious balance of elements, and a masterly distillation of some very complicated but indispensable ideas.’
Andrew Campbell // Screenwriter

‘I liked thinking about the forces of antagonism in a bigger way - not just a character. And I loved going through the nemesis archetypes. Really stimulating!’
Michelle Houghton // Novelist

‘It really changed how I think about the idea of a nemesis and has brought up some serious issues with my current piece that I need to repair - thank you!! I also liked the interactive element as it got me thinking about other examples of the archetypes and the different ways one archetype could be applied.’
Jenny Williams // Screenwriter

‘I liked the depth of the approach to the function of the nemesis. It made me re-think how to formulate that aspect of a...

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Feedback for The Ten Commandments Of Aaron Sorkin

Mar 10, 2021

Or... How to write like Aaron Sorkin!

Online, Live AND OnDemand // One Day // £37 // READ MORE HERE.

Feedback from past delegates...

‘Intense and fast paced. Masses of inspirational, original and helpful information laid out and challenging writing exercises whizzed through. Huge roars of approval for all the fun and brain stretch! Bob, like all great teachers, is relentless in sharing knowledge!'
Anita Tucker // Screenwriter

‘Insightful, exhaustive and really well delivered. Bob's stamina and enthusiasm were incredible.’
Al Campbell // Screenwriter

One of the best workshops I’ve ever taken online, smart, funny and very hands on with different writing exercises. In this “Zoom era” it’s very obvious, who can teach online and you can not. And Bob is brilliant at keeping you on your toes for hours and definitely knows his craft. This class is like a movie well made, everything just works, makes sense and shifts your perspective...

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Want to succeed in Hollywood? Let Carole Kirschner guide you by KT Parker

Mar 04, 2021

When Carole Kirschner told her mother she wanted to be in entertainment, she was told to get a job as a court reporter, because those are good jobs and they pay well. “My first day on the job working when I was head of Steven Spielberg’s first Amblin Television Department,” Carole continues, “I was sitting in the screening room. Raiders of the Lost Ark was on the screen. I called my mother and I said, “I think I made a better choice,” and she had to agree, “yes you did.””

Carole has had a stellar career, including stand-up comedy, general dogs-body to two TV writer-producers, comedy development, TV exec, consultant, speaker and entertainment career coach. Her achievements include setting up the CBS Diversity Writers’ Mentoring Programme and helping Jeff Melvoin to develop the curriculum for the Writers Guild of America Showrunner Training Programme, both of which she still runs today. Somewhere in amongst all that, she...

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