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If you've browsed the FAQs and still need help, email Savannah or find her in the Facebook Group

All About Streaming

Q - Where I can I watch live sessions?

There are four locations to stream most sessions (except The Script to Screen sessions which will only be available on Yapp and the website, not on Facebook):

  1. The London SWF Online website: Log in and scroll down to the WATCH LIVE post and click that. Scroll down until you see the live Vimeo player. Click the "My LSF2020" Menu Link at any time to take you back to the festival page.
  2. The LondonSWF Online Facebook group: See the live stream on the group page, with the added benefit of live chat via comments on the video stream. You will get a Facebook notification when the live event starts. If you don't get one, refresh the group page and scroll down until you see the post with the live feed.
  3. The Kajabi app (on a smartphone): click the Watch Live link. If it's time for a live show and it's still displaying a black screen, refresh the page by pulling downwards.
  4. The Yapp app (on a smartphone): click the "365 Cinema" tab at the bottom left corner of the app.

Q - I don't have Facebook, where else can I watch live?

See the website and app alternatives above.

Q - Can I watch later on demand if I can't watch live?

Absolutely! In three places:

  1. The London SWF Online site: Scroll down to the ON DEMAND list or keep scrolling to browse by day or by individual session.
  2. The Kajabi app - the same as the website instructions. 
  3. The Yapp app (on a smartphone): Click the More tab in the lower right corner. Click Watch OnDemand.

Q - How long do I have to watch the sessions on demand / when do they expire?

The sessions will be available to view for one year from the start of the festival, aka until May of 2021. There is no limit to the number of times you can rewatch a session.

Q - The festival is already in progress, can I see the sessions from before my purchase date? 

Yes! All of our sessions are available on demand to all pass holders, regardless of when you join. All you miss is the experience of watching it live with other attendees and interacting via text chat. Please see the "Can I watch later on demand" question for more details. 

Q - I just missed it - when will the session be available on demand? 

In most cases, once the session has ended, it will be immediately available in full on the live stream link and it will be posted to the on-demand section by the following day, if not sooner.

Q - The live video keeps pausing / freezing / dropping out / glitching / buffering ?

Troubleshooting live streaming glitches can be tricky. Most users report the best success on their smartphones via the Facebook Group or Yapp app. If you prefer to use the website or a different device and have issues, try these tips:

  1. Restart your router and device.
  2. Try a different browser (most reported success with Chrome), or clear your cookies and browser cache.
  3. Increase your wifi signal by getting as close to the router as you can, eliminating obstacles between you and the router (often by placing it in an elevated location), or by connecting your device (such as a laptop) directly to the router via an Ethernet cable.

Website Login Issues

Q - Help, I can't log in to the London SWF Online Website!

When you purchased the festival pass, you should've received an email containing your login password for the website. If you don't see the email, please check your Spam or Junk folder.

Q - My login email is not in my inbox or spam.

Please email Savannah in case there was an error in the email address entered on the pass purchase page.

Q - Missing courses - I see only one course, but I purchased two (ie LSF and Scott Meyers)

You are most likely in the system under two different email addresses, one for each purchase. Please contact Savannah.

Q - I changed my password and now I've forgotten it... Use the "forgot password" link on the login page.

Q - The green "Delegate Login" button wont let me log in.

You are on the wrong website. The London Screenwriters' Festival website with the green delegate login is not valid for the Online festival, please bookmark this link instead:  

Q - The London Screenwriters' Festival site won't let me log in.

You are on the wrong website. Please bookmark The London SWF Online Site instead.

The Apps - Kajabi and Yapp

Q - How do I install the Kajabi App?

On your smartphone or tablet, visit the Kajabi App Install Page (Android and iOS)

Once you've installed it, simply enter the same email address that you use to log in to the site.

Q - I'm not seeing my course?

You may have courses purchased under different emails, see Missing Courses for more info.

Q - Is it kept up-to-date?

Yes! The Kajabi app pulls the info directly from the website so it's always up to date. It allows us to send you push notifications as well for important updates so please keep them enabled. 

Q - How do I install the Yapp App?

On your smartphone or tablet, visit and follow the steps to install the Yapp app. When prompted for an email, use the one you tied to your festival pass. If prompted for a code, enter LSF365. 

Q - Yapp says my email is invalid / not on the list?

You need to use the email address that you used to purchase the festival pass. Please contact Savannah if you have further issues.

Q - I already have Yapp, how do I add LSF365 to it?

Open the Yapp app. Click the 4 bars in the upper left corner and a sidebar will open with your name and < Home at the top. Click < Home. Now click the + in the right corner and enter LSF365 into the URL text box. Press Next. If prompted for a code, enter LSF365. That's it!

Q - I'm only seeing the London Screenwriting Festival schedule in Yapp?

You need to install LSF365 to your Yapp, please see "I already have Yapp" above.

The Facebook Group

Q - How do I join the Facebook Group?

Click Here or search Facebook for the "LondonSWF Online" group and click "+ Join group" and an admin will admit you.

  1. If your Facebook name does not match the name on your festival pass, please contact us to let us know so we can add you to the group.
  2. Please leave ample time to join the group prior to a live session as members must be checked against the festival registry prior to approval.

Q - Why wasn't I accepted into the Facebook Group? Who can I contact?

If your Facebook account name is not the same as your festival pass name, please contact us so we know to add you to the group.

Other FAQs

Q - I heard you're having a second festival in October! How much does the festival cost / where can I buy it?

Yes! October is a go! £60 up front or £10 / month for 6 months

Q - Where is the schedule?

  1. On the website under the LSF365 menu link in the Watch LondonSWF 365 Live section, or Click Here
  2. On the kajabi app as on the site.
  3. On the Yapp app under the Schedule tab (along bottom edge).

Q - Where is the list of speakers? 

  1. On the Yapp app under the Speakers tab along the bottom.
  2. On the website in the schedule

Q  - Where are the scripts for the Script to Screen?

You can download the scripts and other assets such as PowerPoints in two places:

  1. On the London SWF Online website: scroll down until you see the Downloads section. 
  2. On the Kajabi app as above.
  3. On the Yapp app under the More tab (lower right corner) - Screenplays or - Slides.

Q - Where is the link to the Zoom session?

The Zoom link is on the website and on Yapp under Schedule. If you can't find it, ask in the Facebook group.

Q  - What about the Euroscript Surgeries / Table Reads / Pitch Sessions?

Unfortunately these have been cancelled, but we are adding other interactive opportunities such as Zoom rooms so keep an eye out for announcements on the Schedule and on Facebook or in Kajabi!

Q - I am not getting email updates?

Please check your Spam or Junk folders. Add our email address as a contact in order to stop the emails from going to spam in the future.

Q - The email updates aren't in spam / I used to get emails but now I don't.

It's possible you unsubscribed from our mailing list. Please log in to the London SWF Online website - click your icon in the upper right corner - click Settings - and enable the notifications. If you still don't receive emails, contact us.

Q - How long is the festival?

A one-month intensive daily from May 8th - June 7th, followed by additional weekly online events for the rest of the year.

Q - The festival has already started - is it too late to join?

Not at all, there is so much more to come and you can view all previous and future speaker sessions on demand until May 2021!


Q - My question wasn't covered, who do I contact?

The best place to ask for help is the Facebook Group.

Otherwise, please email

Savannah - Delegate Support - at or on Twitter @savvywithwords  or Facebook