Is it time to take a step back to focus on you?

...and your project and career, with expert guidance in an inspirational setting...

What is the next big step you need to take with your project? 

  • From idea to killer ten-page outline?
  • From first draft to a page-turning second draft?
  • From final draft to, you know, final-final draft with an unbelievably slick polish?

Join Bob Schultz for a four-day or one week retreat in the Cotswolds and take the Next Big Step, guided and supported by him.

The Four Day Retreat (£399)

When: Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th January (can arrive in the evening of 12th)
Where: Miserden, Near Stroud, GL6 7JA
How Much: Normally £599 reduced to £399 for first one (does not include accommodation)
Max 12 writers

So. “A LondonSWF Retreat!?” I hear you say.

Well yes, but so much more. You can expect something magical.

Focussing on YOUR next BIG step for your script and career, you will get one-on-one coaching, group support and training, that big blue sky to inspire you, and a magical landscape to explore.

You will have time to wander and imagine -- as well as experience the intensity of being challenged creatively. You choose your own pace.

The retreat is run in Miserden, a tiny village in the heart of the Cotswolds and a time capsule itself.

Our retreats are fuelled by the momentum of a peer group environment, with highly structured days, time to write and imagine, with just the right amount of downtime to unwind, drink, eat and share.

All the days are hyper focussed on YOU and YOUR writing.

Designed with YOU in mind, created to help YOU take that next enormous step forward, committed to YOUR breakthroughs… It promises to be an unforgettable escape into imagination and creativity, with a community of like-minded DREAMERS and DOERS.

You can arrive at the venue the night before OR on the morning of the first day.

There is parking onsite and AirBnB’s in the village and local areas. Stroud is the local train station.

‘Bob was energetic, passionate and completely giving of his knowledge and experience. He's incredibly supporting of writing talent. His insight is invaluable, he taught me that you don't have to get your foot in the door... cracking it open a little is easier to do to get started.’
Anthony Povah // Writer, Filmmaker ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Typical Day Schedule

  • 7:30am to 9:30am Breakfast and meet and greet with Bob... eat well and share time getting mentoring and chatting with other writers. We supply breakfast daily.
  • 10am to 11am Seminar with Bob… designed to trigger immediate action.
  • 11am to 1pm writing period… can be done alone or in small groups with Bob on hand for help and support.
  • 1pm Lunch… bring your own and use the venue kitchen, or go to the local pub.
  • 2pm to 4pm… Structured Group Work with seminar exercises and prompts designed to help you break the story, deepen characters, improve the pitch, tourniquet the tension, make dialogue sparkle and reduce and refine.
  • 4pm to 6pm… Personal writing time and reflection. Short group walks are offered here too.
  • 6pm we supply dinner on Thursday and Friday (four day retreat). On Saturday get out and experience local eateries.
  • 7:30pm to 9pm… Writing and sharing time in small groups, Bob on hand for questions.

* All writers will get several one-on-one mentoring sessions with Bob, scheduled during the writing periods.
* Tea, coffee and snacks are always available.
* You are not obligated to attend ANY structured session if you wish to focus on your writing or exploring the area.
* The daily schedule may change slighlty for time of year and light.

What do people say about Bob?

Wendy Jones // Screenwriter, Producer, Director

‘Bob is easy to communicate with, his notes are spot on and easy to follow. I look forward to implementing his suggestions as I move ahead on my screenwriting journey.’


John Suriano // Writer, Filmmaker

 ‘Bob provides very tangible and direct advice which is "spot on" in terms of both art and commerciality. In this short period of time he helped pinpoint "blockages" I had been trying to get through in both my writing career and in my current script.’


Anna O'Grady // Actor, Writer

‘Bob understood my idea immediately and it felt like he was genuinely invested in finding the best solutions for my questions. He injected drama into my idea, pulling 'big events' which I had planned for later in the series, into the pilot episode, thereby creating far more conflict and tension for the series as a whole. He's also very nice. I could chat to him about writing all day!’

Some Nitty Gritty and Where to stay…

The next retreat will be in the Winter so it may well snow! We hope it does.

The retreat will take place in the spacious village hall in Miserden, which also has an adjacent kitchen. There is ample parking and it takes less than five minutes to walk from one end of the village to the other.

You can co-ordinate with some writers for a house share in the village, each person getting their own room. Or you can find your own accomodation and drive (take cabs).

NOTE: The cost of attending does not include accommodation.

Your ticket is non refundable BUT you can transfer to another person should you wish. Just let us know. 

We will be operating fully Covid-19 safety checks with daily temperature tests and daily lateraly flow tests. You will not be required to wear a mask though you are of course welcome to do so.